SWG Reverse Enginering Calculator

In SWG space a good engine makes the difference for PvPing. In my experience, engines are not so important for PvE. This means that you are able to own different engines depending on the mission you are thinking on.

In general, a high speed engine (with a not so good PYR) is a good option for PvEing and, in oposite, a High PYR engine is a must when you try PvP encounters.

There is no "absolutes" for engines in any case and the most important thing is just to fit the engine adapted to your gaming style in space.

Engines are a complex element in your configuration and a good pilot must understand "every" detail of the engines stats.
For the purpose of this notes, i will be focused in the most important stats under my point fo view: Speed vs PYR.

First, note that in SWG space, your engine's max PYR values don't directly affect your performance, rather, they are converted into a x.x radian mod value. Though these numbers aren't stepped, it is still usefull to know how these indexes convert and round. If you are crafting an engine, it is important to know when it is appropriate to alocate experimenting points into an attribute. Here are listed the numbers you need to make the mods:
71.4 = 1.3 mod gate
77.4 = 1.4 mod gate
83.1 = 1.5 mod gate

I also have listed the values for engines running Engine Overload 4, a necessary buff to get the edge in PvP.

71.6 x (EO4) = 1.8 mod
75.7 x (EO4) = 1.9 mod
79.8 x (EO4) = 2.0 mod
83.9 x (EO4) = 2.1 mod

(more info about overloads:https://www.swglegends.com/forums/sho...omputers-guide)

The question now could be: may i fit a RE'd engine or a crafted one?

Before the Ord Mantel introduction, RE'ed engines were much more better than crafted ones in most of the cases but the schematics coming from OM, bring us new oportunities to own good speed engines without sacrfiing PYR at all.

This next section outlines the desired values for constructing RE engines of level 6, 8, and 10. The RE8 engine is essentially the entry requirement for a viable PvP vessel.When assembling an RE8 engine, try to also find a 100+ speed quantum ion drive engine. The RE6 engine is great for lighter craft or situations where you want to sacrifice engine for firepower. lootable L6 engines have paltry speed, about 72. This means a level 6 engine REed must be focused on PYR, of course. RE10 engines are the best of the best. If you can afford the mass, I'd heavily suggest using one.

RE6 components are given a bonus of 1.04x during the RE process. These are the following pre-RE stats you need for specific mods.

To make the 1.3 mod gate, you will need P/Y/R values of 68.66, but I'd use 68.7 to be safe.
To get the 1.8 mod under EO4, you need values of 68.85, or 68.9 to be safe.
If you happen to pull in some "uber-loot" values, try for the 1.9 value with EO4. 72.8 should be the appropriate pre-RE stat.
RE8 components are given a 1.05x stat bonus during the RE process. Search for the following pre-RE stats for the desired mods.

If you're running EO4, aim for the 1.9 mod. To do that, you need values of at least 72.1
The main goal of an RE8 engine is to hit the 1.4 mod. The minimum raw value is 73.71428, but you'd be safe shooting for 73.8
If you really want to hit the 2.0 mod with EO4, 76.0 raw will RE to the appropriate value. I really doubt engines of that value drop.
RE10 components receive the 1.06x boost during RE. Follow the listed raw PYR values.

The bare minimun is to got for the 2.0 mod with EO4. Use raw values of 75.2 or greater.
If you plan to use lower overloads, or just want to accomplish the standard 1.5 mod, then use 78.4
The ultimate goal of L10 engines is to achieve the 2.1 mod with EO4. Use a minimum of 79.2

Other Important Stats

Top Speed:around engines

RE6 Engine: They had pre-nerf speeds on 92; don't count on finding one though nowadays. swglegends will not drop this engine anymore. The expected speed from the looted engines will probably be 79; you can get one as a reward engine during Tier 3 of your squadron grind. It will RE to ~82 speed.
RE8 Engine: The Starmap quest will get you the fastest possible L8 engine. Anything in the mid 90s or up is a keeper. 95.24 is the minimun speed required to break 100. The fastest known Quantum Ion Drive has a top speed of 108, but anything over 100 is very rare.
RE10 Engine: Their loot speed cap is around 98. Anything 93 or up is definately a keeper. 94.34 is the minimum speed required to break 100 post RE.

RE6 Engine: shoot for under 9K mass.
RE8 Engine: Anything under 26K mass is a keeper. Anything under 23K mass is an exceptional gem.
RE10 Engine: Anything under 45K mass is a keeper. Engines under 42.5K mass will break below 40K post RE.
Energry Drain - For all three categories, shoot for anything below 1400 drain.

Crafted Engines:

MkV crafted: You will not be able to out-turn anyone with this engine. Although this engine has negligable PYR values, they have tremendous speed caps, of 120.0 to be specific. When you craft this engines the you'll have to settle for an engine around 118 speed. These engines are excellent for jousters and strike bombers. Strapping one of these on a Vaksai is great for chasing down POB ships. Be aware that these engines have insanely high reactor drain: ~2500. Running EO4, it will multiply to be 25000, so bring a big bad reactor. The Kuat RCT-Z and Slayn & Korpil "Vortex" Mk3 Reactors are the reactors with caps around 50K gen; you'll need one if you want to use the MkV crafted. The mass is around ~35K.
Elite Engines (POB Only): Obviously, these are for POB ships. Strap one onto a POB ship and be ready to out-run most RE engine-using fighters. They have speed caps around 134, but are bugged around 132 for the same reason as the MkV crafted. The PYR is usually in the low 70s, able to break the 1.3 radian mod in most cases, but too much turning will make your gunners puke all over the interior. They have an insane drain like the MkV crafted, but it won't be a problem if you use a POB Elite or Mining Grade reactor; they have gen caps around 38000 and 46000 respectively.

We also have the Gunboats schematics for our high mass ships, but do not expect insane stats from those schematics. I do not have the detailed stats datas for those schematics, but i will recover the crafting caps for them in the near future. For gunboats it is absolutelly sure we may fit the equipmet coming from their specialiced schematics, not only for engines but for all the equipment excepting for weapons. The best weapons for gunbots are the RE'ed level 10 weapons for sure.

These are the main guidelines. I will try to upload more detailed information and maybe somekind of xcell summary about engines for our ships soon.

Logans Kenove 

LOGANS KENOVE  Europe-FarStar.