SWG Reverse Enginering Calculator
I am working hard on the site features. As a registered menber you are able to:
  • Analize the ship parts stats RE compared with the old game (spacetribe stats).(available for non members also)
  • Browse the ingame schematics.(available for non members also)
  • Browse registered members ships (available for non members also)
  • Register as a site member.
  • Register and maintain your ships basic info with WYSIWYG capabilities
  • Maintain your profile info.
  • Use the Private message system.
  • Create and manage your own Reverse Enginering Projects.(under construction)
  • Create and manage your ship parts inventory. (under construction)
  • Add new loot for contributing to the Community stats (under construction)
  • Configure your ship based on your ship parts inventory (under construction)
  • Verify and compare other users ships configurations (under construction)
  • Analize your loot stats comparing it with the site loot statistics.(Under construction)
  • And more....

Do you have any suggestions or whish? Please email me or post it on the pswg forum

I am looking forward on hearing about your suggestions and ideas.

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Enjoy it

Logans Kenove  [email protected]

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