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If you are a registered member you may contribute to create new loot tables by adding your loot to the Data Base.

The Official Game closing on December 2011, was a disaster in terms of information looses. Spacetribe.org, swgct.co.uk and many other good sites disappeared with the game and now, the upcoming Star Wars Galaxies legends   need our effors again....

By adding your loot to our Data Bases you will be helping on maintaining alive the Game improving the quality of our Statistical Analisys. and the Community workaround
Much of the loot that you get, is only worthwhile selling back to the chassis dealer for credits. There is merit in keeping all your junk if you are going to reverse engineer it yourself, as you will need the junk to make up the extra parts in an RE session.

However, if you are looking to keep only the good stuff, this tool  will help you and other players with what to sell to the dealer, and what to keep for future purposes which is a good practice for you and for the ingame quality activities.

We need your help for this project, and your additions to the Data Base Records will be more than wellcome. If you need a guide about good space loot, You need to cooperate with us. Contributing to this Project will make your ingame life easy and the RE ingame jobs quality will be better and better each day....

Register you character, become a member and help yourself  and help the Community to rebuild the Galaxy